With funds from Amplify Change, Girl 2 Girl Empowerment Movement (G2G) held consultations with some duty bearers (stakeholders) in Waterloo. This engagement targeted thirty (30) stakeholders in two (2) communities (Ibgo Town and Findley StIMG-20180423-WA0036reet) in Waterloo. The target was fifteen (15) from each of the two (2) communities. The purpose of the consultation was to provide information about the Organization, our work in area of reproductive health, education and our campaign against child marriage, teenage pregnancy and FGM. Additionally our achievements. One outcome of this engagement was the commitments shown by the stakeholders mainly parents and duty bearers to support G2G work by putting community mechanisms to protect girls from violence especially sexual/gender based violence. They pledged to take the role of God parents to G2G


Girl 2 Girl Empopic 4 webwerment Movement (G2G) held a one (1) day dialogue session with community stakeholders from the six (6) operational communities. The focus of this dialogue was to solic it support for better protection of the girl child, information activities in these  communities were also discussed. This engagement targeted eighteen (18) stakeholders from six (6) communities, three (3) stakeholders per community.


Girl 2 Girl Empowerment Movement (G2G) concluded a three (3) days training on Harmful Traditional Practices (HTP)  with focus on FGM , Child marriage and the effects it has on young women and girls.  The training attracted forty (40) participants from G2G network members and other youth and children’s led groups. The number also  included the IMG_20180213_112751 Children’s Forum Network (CFN) a Government support  national children’s group that represent the children of Sierra Leone  and Emerald Leadership Initiative for  Africa (ELI Africa) a  youth led advocacy  organization were guest participants. This training workshop took place at the GGEM Hall John Street on the 13th to 15th of February 2018.

The aim of this training was to equip young people with knowledge about what harmful traditional practices are, the effect they have on the health and human rights of  those affected. and empower participants serve as agents of change in the their communities.

Girl2 Girl Empowerment Movement (G2G) Commemorates 2017 Day of the African Child (June 16)

Girl2Girl Empowerment Movement (G2G) joined the 2017 commemoration of Day of the African Child June 16 with the Theme:  “Accelerating Protection, Empowerment and Equal Opportunities for Children in Africa by 2030 “. The National Theme was “Leh We Join Hand for Mek Pikin Beteh”.

TPic June, 16his event brought together 150 Members of G2G networks from the six operational communities of G2G and some  about 9 key stakeholders including parents local chiefs and councilors. The main purpose of the event was to raise awareness about the importance of education to the girl child and to solicit support from these stakeholders for the protection of girls against violence and support conducive community environment for girls’ education and growth. who made commitment to support the education of the girl child as way to empower them. Some of such speakers were,  the Councilor for 382 – Grey Bush, the M&E Officer of Advocacy Movement Network one of our partners and one parent. The councilor  spoke  on their role as political leaders in the promotion of education and welfare of girls. The M&E officer focused on  the importance of protecting the  girl child which he said is the responsibility of the parents and the community. Another inspirational speaker was a parent who spoke on this year’s National theme “Leh We Join Hand for Mek Pikin Beteh”. He emphases on the collaborative efforts to ensure that our girls and young women become responsible and productive citizen.


G2G Parent’s Dialogue Session in commemoration of International Women’s Day (IWD)

DSC01194Dialogue session with parents of G2G members in commemoration of the International Women’s Day (IWD)

G2G joined the women of Sierra Leone in celebrating IWD by engaging 100 parents of G2G network members in dialogue session from the six operational areas in the Western Rural and Urban. As A local theme we say; “Be bold for change, support the education of the girl change.”

This event was organized to inform parents on the importance of the International Women’s day to women and the girl child and to raise awareness on the activities of G2G. The event took place on the 16th of March 2017 at the Gender and Grassroots Empowerment Movement (GGEM) Hall at John Street. Two of our honored Board members joined us to grace this occasion.


Opening Prayer







Participants settling down






Opening Statement by a Board Member






Welcome address by the Programs Coordinator






Project Officer doing a presentation on the mission and vision of the Organization






Formation of mother’s club at Foulah Town







Formation of mother’s club at Fourah Bay






Formation of mother’s club at Brook fields







Formation of mother’s club in Gray Bush






Formation of mother’s club in Waterloo






Motivational Speaker (Role model parent)






Closing statement by a Board Member














Girl2Girl Empowerment movement is a young–women led organization based in Freetown which was set up in response to a study conducted with girls affected by teenage pregnancy. this empowering process resulted in the girls requesting support from a UK based organization Foundation for Women’s Health Research and development (FORWARD) to help set up a programme to reach out to other girls at risk in their local communities.G2G was officially registered in 2013 with the Government of Sierra Leone GoSL through the ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs as a non-governmental organization.
The overall aim of G2G is to improve the sexual reproductive health and rights of girls and safeguard them from gender based violence including sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage and teenage pregnancy. G2G strives to equip girls at risk with leadership skills to become advocates in their communities to reach out to other girls through the girls clubs. We work in six communities in Western Area Urban and Rural…Waterloo, Fourah Bay, Fullah town, Brook fields, Red pump and Grey Bush. In each of these networks there are 25 members with a trained leader who provide mentorship and training for these girls on issues affecting them and provide a safe platform for frank discussions. G2G works particularly with girls and young women in slum areas in Freetown.

Spot light

Programme strategies

Programme strategies
 Create young women and girls only space to discuss sexual and reproductive health issues and information and help them to share and learn from each other.
 Implementprogrammes targeting parents of teenagers- strengthening parenting skills and communication skills around SRH.
 Provide comprehensive sexuality education which includes a focus on gender, human rights, prevention of HIV/AIDS/STI and unwanted pregnancy with includes as an integral component confidence building and negotiation skills
 Support girls at risk to find alternative ways of generating income- including provision of skills training and opportunities.
 Provide courses for pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers to learn how to take care of their babies.
 Introduce more youth friendly services at the community level.
 Raise awareness among policy makerson the issues, legislation and policies that make girls more vulnerable, including for example unsafe abortions and policies that prevent pregnant teenagers and young mothers from staying in school.
 Improve signposting to sexual and reproductive health services to ensure young women and girls have better access